HOBIT – One Class of Biology for Life - Completed Project

  • Czech title: HOBIT – HOdina BIologie pro živoT: Implementace problematiky cerebrovaskulárních a kardiovaskulárních onemocnění do školního vzdělávacího plánu
  • Registration number: CZ.1.07/1.1.16/02.0136
  • Program: Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme
  • Priority axis: 7.1 – Initial Education
  • Area of support: 1.1 – Quality Improvement in Education
  • Beneficiary: St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno
  • Budget: 4,742,922.00 CZK
  • Start of implementation: April 1, 2013
  • End of implementation: March 30, 2015
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Supervisor: doc. MUDr. Robert Mikulík, Ph.D.
  • Supervisor of cardiovascular section: prof. MUDr. Jiří Vítovec, CSc.
  • Project Manager: Mgr. Lucie Hanáková (phone +420 543 185 572, email: lucie.hanakova@fnusa.cz)


HOBIT is an innovative educational project intended for primary school pupils and grammar school students in the South Moravian Region. The objective of the project is to provide pupils with quite simple information leading to saving lives at the onset of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases. By means of multimedia and simulation-based education, pupils will learn how to react to the symptoms of brain or heart attack so that they are able to save life of the person affected. The education of pupils will be carried out within one biology lesson in two consecutive school years. This lesson will be based on watching an interesting multimedia educational film which will explain pupils the nature of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases and show symptoms of these diseases as well as an appropriate reaction to them. Pupils’ knowledge will be assessed by a simulation test carried out before and after the educational film. A total of 37 schools in the South Moravian Region  participate in the project. The list of schools involved in the project can be found here.

The educational results tested by this pilot project will be presented at a closing conference to the representatives of both the schools and authorities, and professional medical associations.

The project objective is to extend the verified methodology of education to other schools in all regions, and thus to contribute to prevention of cerebral and cardiovascular diseases in the Czech Republic. Besides activities of this project, St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno has already successfully implemented this educational concept focused on stroke and myocardial infarction in a number of schools in Chomutov region. These schools are listed here.

For more information visit project webside

The project is financed from the European Social Fund and from the state budget of the Czech Republic under the Education for Competitiveness Operational Program.