PRECEDENCE - Completed Project

  • Czech Title: Precedence
  • Registration number: CZ.1.05/3.1.00/13.0292
  • Partner: Ústav přístrojové techniky AV ČR, v.v.i
  • Program: Research and Development for Innovations Operational Program
  • Priority axis: 3 - Commercialisation and popularisation of R&D
  • Area of support: 3.1 – Commercialisation of research organization results and intellectual property protection
  • Beneficiary: St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno
  • Budget: 43,334,227 CZK
  • Start of implementation: October 1, 2012
  • End of implementation: June 30, 2015
  • Duration: 33 months
  • Project Manager: Mgr. Martin Bartoš
  • Contact: phone: +420 543 185 496, email:

An important aspect of the activity of FNUSA-ICRC is to transfer research results into the commercial sphere, which will enable their widespread usage. The main objective of the PRECEDENCE project is to provide conditions necessary for this transfer to be successful.

The PRECEDENCE project consists in extending the existing Technology Transfer Center and adding the necessary specialists from the field related to intellectual property, and in further integration of the Centre into the FNUSA-ICRC structures and in its close connection with research teams. The second and not less important objective is to transfer the results of research and development into the commercial sphere (commercialization), which is related to e.g. market research, scientific-technological completion of the research, and selection of potential business partners.

During the first phase of the project, four different research activities with the potential of commercial use will be supported. After one year of project implementation, two most successful activities will be chosen for which the process of commercialization will start.

The project is partnered by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the AS CR.

The project is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (27,378,226.30 CZK) and from the state budget of the Czech Republic (4,831,451.70 CZK) under the Research and Development for Innovations Operational Program.