Clinical care


One of the aims of FNUSA-ICRC is to provide top-quality clinical and preventive care, especially in the areas of cardivascular and neurological diseases. This aim is supported by on-site research and by the incorporation of the latest discoveries of international medical science.

St. Anne´s University Hospital Brno has 31 clinics, departments, and institutes that provide top-quality medical care in virtually all areas of medicine; it also has a number of specialised and super-specialised units. The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has awarded the Hospital the status of Complex Oncological Center (run in cooperation with the Masaryk Oncological Institute and the Brno University Hospital), Complex Cardiovascular Center, and Complex Cerebrovascular Center; this underpins its standing as a healthcare organisation of high repute. The Hospital treats nearly 30,000 hospitalized patients and more than 500,000 outpatients annually.

FNUSA-ICRC endeavours to create a harmonious environment where the relationship between the patient and healthace staff members is based on mutual trust and confidence, respecting ethical and moral principles and values. Thanks to international cooperation, patients and physicians will have new opportunities to consult with international experts health problems and diagnostic and curative methods.


Information for patients:




The FNUSA - ICRC has been also involved in the new drugs testing. For this purpose was established the Clinical Trials Department, which closely cooperates with all FNUSA clinics and departments.