The quality of graduate and post-graduate medical education in the Czech Republic ranks among the best of the new EU member states. In comparison with leading West European and especially US universities, however, there is still a marked difference in many qualitative parameters.

St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno contributes to the remedy of this situation by cooperating with Mayo Clinic on building a bridge between US and Czech colleagues (a “Human Bridge”). More than 25 experts from Mayo Clinic have visited Brno so far, and over 40 Czech medical researchers have visited Mayo Clinic for study visits or research fellowships.

The following educational activities have been prepared within FNUSA-ICRC:


ICRC Academy

Simulation center

Young Talents Incubator - completed projects

ICRC Academy is a proven educational concept focused on cooperation with high school and undergraduate students from universities and colleges in the area of clinical research. Its main objective is to introduce to the students the work opportunities in the field of science and research.

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Simulation Center for Communication Skills. Training method can be defined as a method which is occurring between the common teaching methods and the practices applied within the real environment of a health facility. It is a supplement to the both current teaching methods.

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Projects supporting exchange programs for medical students, young researchers, senior researchers and support staff...

Young Talents Incubator (HB CARDIO)

Young Talents Incubator II. (HB NEURO)

Young Talents Incubator III. (HB PLATFORMS)