FNUSA-ICRC seeks to make research outputs available to patients in practice as soon as possible, which is why it collaborates with the application domain in various areas:

Clinical Trials

It takes care of the administrative aspects of the implementation of commercial clinical trials for the manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. For phase I trials, FNUSA-ICRC uses a unique Clinical-Pharmacological Unit.

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preclinical research

The FNUSA-ICRC Animal Center offers the possibility of preclinical research into new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, technologies or medicines using animal models.

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other forms of research

In addition to clinical and preclinical trials, FNUSA-ICRC research teams are also able to carry out other research, such as testing the biocompatibility of new substances, selecting endothelial progenitor cells from bone marrow samples and further characterising them, or preparing biological samples from animal tissues to investigate CNS disorders and recording data for analysis

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innovation vouchers

Small and medium-sized companies from the Czech Republic and abroad can obtain ‘innovation vouchers’ for projects that FNUSA-ICRC implements for them, which helps reduce the costs.

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research grants

Within research grants, FNUSA-ICRC collaborates with industrial partners.

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Commercialisation of research outputs

Research conducted at FNUSA-ICRC yields concrete outputs - new diagnostic and therapeutic methods and technologies, or new substances that can be used as pharmaceuticals.
FNUSA-ICRC also strives to commercialise these outputs.

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Exchange of know-how with the corporate sector

FNUSA-ICRC is interested in implementing internships for researchers at industrial companies or lectures by experts from industry for researchers.

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