Over the past several decades, many alternatives to in vivo testing have emerged, however, a fully-fledge alternative has not yet been found. Crucial discoveries from the last century, such as the ability to treat diabetes with insulin, included research performed on animals. The Animal Centre platform offers comprehensive services to support preclinical biomedical animal research, primarily in the fields of cardiology and neurology. Model animals include pigs, sheep, rabbits and laboratory rats and mice. In addition to appropriate facilities for test animals, the Centre provides knowledge and experience, including advanced diagnostic and monitoring technology for research performed on living organisms.

The Centre carefully observes compliance with standards concerning animal welfare and experimental procedures as stipulated both by European and national legislation and regulatory provisions. The centre believes that high quality and reproducible data can be achieved only if optimal living conditions for animals are guaranteed. The use of animal models helps to create believable physiological and pathological scenarios and enables the development of advanced procedures and new medicines in cardiology and neurology.

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