Every new medicine must be registered before it can be used. Therefore, placement on the market is preceded by several years of research. It is a complex process, lasting up to several decades. The medication must undergo and successfully pass several stages of medical trials, the purpose of which is to prove its safety, tolerability and healing effects, determine any side effects, if applicable, and to discover how the medication acts in the human body.

The CPU is a certified workplace entitled to perform clinical trials of medications and medical devices. It provides comprehensive services related to pharmacological studies, ranging from recruiting subjects to paperwork and monitoring after the end of the study. Its main areas of interest involve drug safety and the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of administered pharmaceutical ingredients and the early stages of drug development. The Unit also engages in researching and monitoring sepsis in intensive care units. The aims are to improve the results of peri-operative care in patients at risk and the results of treatment in septic patients.

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