Help to childhood cancer survivors

Some 350-400 children in the Czech Republic – and around 175,000 children worldwide – are treated for cancer every year. Thanks to improving therapies nearly 85% of children patients in developed countries (but a lower percentage in developing countries) are treated succesfully, but the fight is not over when cancer is  defeated. Many childhood cancer survivors have health problems in the adult age and need observation and folow-up care. Affects of childhood cancer treatment might be numerou and include diseases of the heart, thyroid glands, lungs, kidneys or body growth and thus every cancer survivor needs personalised follow-up treatment to enable him or her to lead a high-quality life. 

Our POTR team (Pediatric Oncology Translational Research) focuses (among others) on studying effects of previous cancer therapies on cardiovascular health of childhood cancer survivors in the adult age. Participanting cancer survivors receive complex screening of their cardiovascular system with the goal of early identification of markers of changes to the cardiovascular system caused by previous cancer therapies. Once known, heart disorders and diseases of participants can be treated before they develop and lower quality of life of cancer survivors. Another area in which the POTR team has been studying is the effects of childhood cancer treatment on adult-age fertility of cancer survivors. The POTR team has published extensively on their research, is a member of several European projects, and has been featured on national Czech TV channel. 

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Help to childhood cancer survivors

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