Through heart images to better care

doc. MUDr. Vladimír Kincl, Ph.D.

Research focus
The Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT team (NCT) is equipped with cadmium-zinc-te­lluride SPECT camera. The NCT focuses on new imaging protocols that use the cadmium-zinc-telluride technique in nuclear cardiology. The team has successfully tested and published feasibility of low-dose myocardial perfusion protocol using 201-thallium. Further research is now focused on the diagnostic and prognostic verification of this low-dose protocol. The team also plans to commence imaging of myocardial sympathetic innervation using 123-iodine in patients with arrhythmias and perform multimodality imaging of myocardial viability in collaboration with the Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance team. Cardiac involvement in extracardiac diseases, e.g. Parkinson´s disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and sarcoidosis.

Research objectives

  • The development and testing of low-dose imaging protocols in nuclear cardiology.
  • Improvement of imaging protocols used for assessment and quantification of myocardial ischemia.
  • Imaging protocols in patients with arrhythmias.
  • Detection of late cardiotoxic effects in patients who were treated for cancer in childhood.
  • Subclinical impairment of cardiac function in Duchenne dystrophy gene carriers.
  • Impairment of cardiac functions in patients with Parkinson´s disease.

Top publications

  • KAMÍNEK, M., METELKOVA, I., BUDIKOVA, M., KORANDA, P., HENZLOVA, L., HAVEL, M., SOVOVA, E., KINCL, V. Diagnosis of high-risk patients with multivessel coronary artery disease by combined cardiac gated SPET imaging and coronary calcium score. Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2015; 18(1), 31-34.
  • KINCL, V., MÁCHAL, J., DROZDOVÁ, A., PANOVSKÝ, R., VAŠKŮ, A. The Relation between eNOS -786 C/T, 4 a/b, MMP-13 rs640198 G/T, Eotaxin 426 C/T, -384 A/G, and 67 G/A Polymorphisms and Long-Term Outcome in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Disease Markers. 2015; 2015(2015), 232048.
  • KINCL, V., FEITOVÁ, V., PANOVSKÝ, R., ŠTĚPÁNOVÁ, R. Assessment of the severity of acute pulmonary embolism using CT pulmonary angiography parameters. Biomedical papers. 2015; 159(2), 259-265.
  • KINCL, V., KAMÍNEK, M., VAŠINA, J., PANOVSKÝ, R., HAVEL, M. Feasibility of ultra low-dose thallium stress-redistribution protocol including prone imaging in obese patients using CZT camera. International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2016; 32(9), 1463-1469.
  • Bednárová V, Kincl V, Kamínek M, Vašina J, Panovský R, Máchal J. The prognostic value of ultra low-dose thallium myocardial perfusion protocol using CZT SPECT The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, 35(6), 1163-1167

Other selected results

  • The Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT group has published the feasibility of ultra low-dose thallium protocol of myocardial perfusion. The administered activity was 0.5MBq per kg of body weight, which is the lowest activity described so far. The prognostic value of this protocol and comparison with magnetic resonance in cardiac volumes and ejection fraction measurement was also succesfully published.