We contribute to the advancement of personalized medicine in the fight against cancer

Dr. Jaeyoung Shin

Research focus
The research theme is Molecular control of signaling in cancer associated with aging. To study signal transduction molecules, scientific interests are in understanding the molecular signaling machinery controlling fundamental cellular processes like cell death/survival, migration and cellular differentiation. This project has specifically added mitochondria and aging. With this in view, a comprehensive analysis of these MAPK signaling will provide important insights into the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer. Understanding MAPK signaling, our team should be able to develop innovative therapeutic concepts that will enable us to attack tumor cells. The mechanistic understanding gained from these studies will improve diagnosis, lead to the development of treatment strategies to arrest inva­sion at the pre-malignant stage, and thus prevent patient overtreatment.

Research objectives

  • The RAF/MEK/ERK pathways controlled by protein kinases are involved in the initiation and progressi­on cancer forms.
  • To ensure understanding of cancer associated with aging, new therapeutic options for tumor genesis should be developed.
  • Biomarker strategy development and implementation for oncology clinical trials.
  • Investigating the impact of the 3D organoid cell culture on the targeted therapeutic response and signaling pathway activity of MAPKs, with a view to identifying potential targets to improve therapeutic response.

Main partners

• Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI), Czech republic

• Cell Signaling and Targeted Therapy Research Group at UIT The Arctic University of Norway

• Natural Science group at Dankook University in Korea

Offered services and expertise

• Advanced immunoblotting.

• 3-dimensional models of primary tumor tissue.

• shRNA library directed against the entire human genome.

• CRISPR-based gene knock-in.

Top publications

1. Murali A, Jaeyoung Shin, Yurugi H, Krishnan A, Akutsu M, Carpy A, Macek B, Rajalingam K. (2017) Ubiquitin-dependent regulation of Cdc42 by XIAP. Cell Death Dis. 29;8(6):e2900

2.  Jaeyoung Shin, Thomas Kubin, Marcus Krüger, Sawa Kostin, Jochen Pöling, Ulf Rapp and Thomas Braun. (2016) BRAF activates PAX3 to control muscle precursor cell migration during forelimb muscle development. eLIFE, 1;5. pii:e18351

3. Jochen Pöling, Praveen Gajawada, Manfred Richter, Holger Lörchner, Viktoria Polyakova, Sawa Kostin, Jaeyoung Shin, Astrid Wietelmann, Thomas Böttger, Thomas Kubin and Thomas Braun. (2014) Therapeutic targeting of the oncostatin M receptor-β prevents inflammatory heart failure. Basic Res Cardiol, 109 (1):396

4. Jaeyoung Shin, Hanjoong Jo, Heonyong Park. (2006) Caveolin-1 is transiently dephosphorylated by shear stress-activated protein tyrosine phosphatase mu. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 339:3, 737-741

5. Jaeyoung Shin, Jongmin Kim, Byungkyu Ryu, Sung-Gil Chi and Heonyong Park. (2006) Caveolin-1 Is Associated with VCAM-1 Dependent Adhesion of Gastric Cancer Cells to Endothelial Cells. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 17, 211-220