25 April 2018

Doc. Mgr. Lumir Krejci, Ph.D.

Doc. Mgr. Lumir Krejci, Ph.D., Head of Genome Integrity Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC, collaborated on a study dealing with one of the causes of origin of a rare hereditary Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. The outcome of the research conducted by an international team of researches was recently published by a prestigious scientific journal Nature.

Its 41.577 impact factor classifies it as one of the most cited scientific journals. The researches studied a gene called SAMHD1 and how it is involved in the onset of Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. Doc. Krejci contributed with his knowledge obtained by studying a molecular process of separating DNA parts. The research clarified that the SAMHD1 gene plays an important role in stabilization of a replication fork. Doc. Krejci considers this finding to be essential because mutations of genes responsible for stabilizing the replication process emerge also in oncological diseases. Moreover, a young scientist and a docents' student Karina Zadorozhny cooperated on the research. At the time the study was published in Nature journal, she was still a high school student.

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