3. 5. 2019

At the end of April, a visit of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (AmCham) was organized. Its representative Katarína Bendíková and also Sales Manager of 3M Czech Republic, MSc. Mariana Ludányiová visited us.
We prepared a lab tour and showed the work of our research teams. They were most impressed by the laboratories of the Center for Translational Medicine, Department of Clinical Studies and Kardiovize 2030. The aim was to present our activities to potential business partners, which is confirmed by Mrs. Ludányiová: “Thanks to the visit, I could get acquainted with a part of the ICRC team who, with their professionalism and enthusiasm literally breathed. I would be very happy if we managed to set up a 3M R&D team with such a high-quality research center."
This meeting will be followed by another similar workshop in June, again organized by AmCham. It is a logical step - “More and more of our member companies have been recognizing the value of this research hub in the heart of Central Europe. FNUSA-ICRC is a player to be considered in R&D strategies,” adds Katarína Bendíková.

The visit of the American Chamber of Commerce - Photo 1The visit of the American Chamber of Commerce - Photo 2
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