25 April 2018

Doc. Mgr. Lumir Krejci, Ph.D.

Doc. Mgr. Lumir Krejci, Ph.D., Head of Genome Integrity Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC, collaborated on a study dealing with one of the causes of origin of a rare hereditary Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. The outcome of the research conducted by an international team of researches was recently published by a prestigious scientific journal Nature.

Its 41.577 impact factor classifies it as one of the most cited scientific journals. The researches studied a gene called SAMHD1 and how it is involved in the onset of Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. Doc. Krejci contributed with his knowledge obtained by studying a molecular process of separating DNA parts. The research clarified that the SAMHD1 gene plays an important role in stabilization of a replication fork. Doc. Krejci considers this finding to be essential because mutations of genes responsible for stabilizing the replication process emerge also in oncological diseases. Moreover, a young scientist and a docents' student Karina Zadorozhny cooperated on the research. At the time the study was published in Nature journal, she was still a high school student.

15 April 2018

The Embassy of the Republic of Italy in the Czech Republic, following the National Science and Research Day, which is celebrated in Italy on 15 April, decided to hold the First Italian Scientific Conference in the Czech Republic to highlight the fact that Italian researchers make a significant contribution to the development of science and research in the Czech Republic.

This unique gathering organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Italy with the opening speech by H.E. Mr. Aldo Amati, the Italian Cultural Centre in Prague and the Center for Translation Medicine (led by dr. Giancarlo Forte) attracted four dozen visitors. FNUSA-ICRC currently has 18 employees from Italy.

15. 4. 2018

FNUSA-ICRC Principal Investigator of a research group Epigenetics in Metabolism and Aging Processes (EMA) - Dr. Manlio Vinciguerra, was invited to deliver a full talk at an important conference - a Keystone Symposia Conference titled "Pushing the Limits of Healthspan and Longevity". This event took place this April in Hannover, Germany, and was certainly a very prestigious and unique experience. Congratulations!

14. 4. 2018

The International Clinical Research Center (FNUSA-ICRC) achieved a notable success during the historically first Open House Festival Brno on April 14. More than 400 guests from Brno and surrounding areas paid a visit to the premises of FNUSA-ICRC. People could see some of the meeting rooms and selected laboratories, including a room with unique Faraday cage.

13. 4. 2018

On the Rafts4Biotech website where FNUSA-ICRC is a project partner, you can find an interview with prof. Jiri Damborsky, Principal Investigator of FNUSA-ICRC research group Protein Engineering, and prof. Prokop (Loschmidt laboratories MU). The complete interview on "Bacteria can take out our industrial trash".

31. 3. 2018

FNUSA-ICRC hosted a meeting of representatives from the region, cities, universities and research institutes, innovative companies, and other organizations involved in supporting research, development and innovation in the South Moravian Region. It was a meeting of Attractive Region Working Group, one of the 5 Regional Innovation Strategy groups of the South Moravian Region, initiatives which support the competitiveness of the region. The session started with a block of presentations and discussion about marketing of the region. At the end of the event, attendants were invited to see 4 of FNUSA-ICRC laboratories - sleep laboratory, clinical pharmacology unit, center of biomedical engineering, and preventive program of Kardiovize Brno 2030.

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