FNUSA-ICRC - Kam kráčíš, Brno? Campaign

11. 6. 2019

Citizens of Brno had the opportunity to visit our exposition in Pohořelec in the city center on the occasion of a long-term exhibition called “Where are you heading, Brno?” which took place as a part of the City Office's project Brno – The Healthy City. Our center presented two projects to the public there. The first was an innovative training program that teaches students and the general public how to save lives when strokes and heart attacks occur. People learn to respond properly to critical situations with simulation scenes that realistically show signs of disease. The second project presented was Kardiovize Brno 2030, a cardiovascular prevention program in Central and Eastern Europe based on population analysis. Dozens of Brno citizens took the opportunity to have their blood pressure measured, tried to measure the strength of their handgrip or the amount of carbon monoxide in the exhalation.

FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 1FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 2
FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 3
FNUSA-ICRC at Science Fair Prague 2019

10. 6. 2019

At the beginning of June, we presented our center at the Science Fair organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences. The fair, which took place from 6 to 8 June 2019 in Prague's Letňany, was visited by over 30,000 visitors this year. Representatives of our international center presented the activities of our research teams, not only to the public but also to companies and other scientific institutions and institutes with which cooperation could be established. Thanks to the Kardiovize Brno 2030 project, those interested could measure, for example, the pressure, the strength of the handgrip, the thickness of the blood vessels, the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood, and other indicators of human health.

FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 3FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 4FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 5
FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 1FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 2FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 8
FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 7FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 9
FNUSA-ICRC at the Science Fair in Prague - Photo 6
Faecal microbioma topic at FNUSA-ICRC

24. 5. 2019

FNUSA-ICRC held its 9th FNUSA-ICRC Partner Forum on May 20, focusing on faecal microbiom therapy and its perspectives. The meeting was attended by over 30 participants from healthcare facilities, research centers and companies specializing in the production, development and research of probiotics and prebiotics or microbiome analysis.

Faecal microbioma therapy represents the therapeutic transfer of faeces in native or processed form from donor to recipient. It is done for the treatment of the recipient, high efficacy is especially proven in the problems caused by Clostridium difficilee. However, according to recent studies, this method is also effective in addressing other diseases, such as nonspecific intestinal inflammation, as participants in the forum have shown.

MUDr. Lenka Vojtilová, Ph.D. From the Clinic of Infectious Diseases of the Faculty Hospital Brno introduces the participants with experience with faecal microbiomic therapy in the treatment of clostridial colitis and new promising indications. A comprehensive view of the microbial settlement of the human body and its relation to human health was introduced by Lenka Micenková Ph.D. from Masaryk University in Brno in a lecture entitled "Dynamics of human microbiome in health and illness".

A practical view of this issue, namely experience with the use of faecal filtrates in the treatment of idiopathic intestinal inflammation and pseudomembranous colitis, was presented by Janette Čemická from the Institute of Predictive and Personalized Medicine in Bratislava. In the end, PharmDr. Aleš Franc Ph.D. told participants about methods of enteric and colonial administration of drugs and biological material.

The Partner Forum also included an introduction to the FNUSA-ICRC activities and the presentation of the Clinical Studies Department.

Faecal microbioma therapy was discussed at the Partner Forum
doc. Kamil Paruch FNUSA-ICRC

17. 5. 2019

Doc. Mgr. Kamil Paruch, Ph.D., who has been leading the FNUSA-ICRC Medicinal Chemistry research team since 2011, has been awarded the MU Rector's Award for significant creative achievement. Masaryk University is his alma mater, graduated from the Faculty of Science at MU. He then spent 13 years in the United States where he earned a doctorate in organic chemistry at Columbia University. He has also worked on research and development of new drugs in the pharmaceutical company Schering-Plow (Merck since 2009). He returned to Brno in 2009 and since then he has continued to research new organic compounds with targeted biological activity, especially in oncology. This research within FNUSA-ICRC and MU has already brought publications and patents for new drug substances with potential use as drugs for serious diseases. For example, he co-authored the first patent granted to FNUSA-ICRC in 2015: Substituted furo [3,2-b] pyridines for use as a medicament.

The prize was awarded for the development of biologically active compounds with high potential for use in practice.

FNUSA-ICRC -  delegation from Taiwan

15. 5. 2019

The 6th Czech-Taiwan Technology Days took place in Prague on 7 May, this time focusing on smart solutions in industry, autonomous transport and medical technology. A delegation from the HSC (Healthcare Systems Consortium) in Taiwan has shown interest in visiting St. Anne's University Hospital and our center two days later.

During the visit, the FNUSA-ICRC activities were presented to them. There was also a presentation of the Taiwanese party to the FNUSA Department of Clinical Studies and IT department on new possibilities in the field of digitalisation (SelfieSign).

FNUSA-ICRC -delegation from Tchaj-wan
The visit of the American Chamber of Commerce

3. 5. 2019

At the end of April, a visit of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic (AmCham) was organized. Its representative Katarína Bendíková and also Sales Manager of 3M Czech Republic, MSc. Mariana Ludányiová visited us.
We prepared a lab tour and showed the work of our research teams. They were most impressed by the laboratories of the Center for Translational Medicine, Department of Clinical Studies and Kardiovize 2030. The aim was to present our activities to potential business partners, which is confirmed by Mrs. Ludányiová: “Thanks to the visit, I could get acquainted with a part of the ICRC team who, with their professionalism and enthusiasm literally breathed. I would be very happy if we managed to set up a 3M R&D team with such a high-quality research center."
This meeting will be followed by another similar workshop in June, again organized by AmCham. It is a logical step - “More and more of our member companies have been recognizing the value of this research hub in the heart of Central Europe. FNUSA-ICRC is a player to be considered in R&D strategies,” adds Katarína Bendíková.

The visit of the American Chamber of Commerce - Photo 1The visit of the American Chamber of Commerce - Photo 2
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