1 January 2018

As of 1. 1. 2018 the FNUSA-ICRC research group portfolio is expanded. Former team of prof. Petr Dvořák Stem Cells and Cell Signaling will be transformed into 2 independent teams – Cell Signalling (CS), led by Principal investigator Dr. Pavel Krejčí, and Stem Cells and Disease Modeling under the leadership of Junior PI Dr. Vladimír Rotrekl (SCDM). These teams will focus in the basic research pillar on researching the little-known Receptor tyrosine kinases (CS) and human stem cells, their differentiation to heart cells and possibility to use them for modeling heart diseases on cellular level (SCDM).

There are also new teams in the area of cardiology research: Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) led by Dr. Roman Panovský, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT (NCT) – Dr. Vladimír Kincl and Intensive Care Research (INC) – Dr. Martin Helán. CMR team will be focused on timely non-invasive diagnostics of heart diseases by using the newest imaging technologies. NCT research group will concentrate on researching potential new imaging methods in cardiology linked particularly with ischemic heart disease and heart failure. INC team will aim at researching the mechanism of creation, development and prognoses of critical illnesses.

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