30 May 2018

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Doc. MUDr. Robert Mikulík, Ph.D., Head of Cerebrovascular Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC and Head of the Complex Cerebrovascular Center at St. Anne’s University Hospital, participated in a major worldwide study on the pharmacological treatment of recurrent stroke.

Robert Mikulík participated in this study not only as a co-author but also as a member of the management board that developed the procedure for the study and managed its proper progress. The study was published at the end of May in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals – The New England Journal of Medicine and, at the same time, the study was presented at the European Stroke Organisation Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the history of FNUSA-ICRC, this is a publication with the highest impact factor to date – IF 72.406. The scientific articles that had been previously published by FNUSA-ICRC authors with the highest impact factors were published in the Chemical Reviews (IF 45.661), JAMA (IF 30.026) and Cell (IF 28.710) journals.

25 May 2018

FNUSA-ICRC Animal Center hosted practical workshops on the TSE systems: IntelliCage, PhenoMaster & MotoRater in May. Participants had a chance to learn more about rodent phenotyping practices, to share each other´s experiences, and to establish collaborations. The workshops were a part of the activities within the RIAT-CZ project (ATCZ40) supported by Interreg programme (Austria - Czech Republic cooperation).

FNUSA-ICRC Animal Center hosted practical workshops

18 May 2018

International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno participated in the 3rd year of the Veletrh Věda Výzkum Inovace fair in Pavilion P at the Brno Exhibition Center in the middle of May. The aim of the fair was to provide universities, research organizations, innovative companies, scientists and students with a platform for interconnecting scientific and research sphere with business practice while helping to develop communication and project collaboration between the academic and business spheres. This year, FNUSA-ICRC presented the results of its work and news to both industry representatives as well as to investors and partners. A component of the exhibition was a presentation of the preventive program HOBIT of Cerebrovascular Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC, which mainly informed secondary school students about stroke, its symptoms and how to respond to it. Representatives of ICRC also took part in an accompanying program of the fair that included expert conferences in collaboration with universities and research organizations, thematic conferences in cooperation with innovative companies, unions, associations and clusters, forums in cooperation with exhibitors, and B2B events made for getting new contacts.

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Doc. Lumír Krejčí

16 May 2018

The award of the Rector of Masaryk University for long-term excellent research results was awarded at the Dies Academicus ceremony in mid-May, to doc. Mgr. Lumír Krejčí, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist, Head of our research team Genome Integrity, which also operates at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

Doc. Krejčí have long been researching the regulatory processes involved in maintaining the integrity of the cell's genetic information, repairing damaged genetic information, and impacting these processes on the development and prevention of tumor development.

FNUSA-ICRC partners with Science Party Brno

12 May 2018

This year’s 11 May was dedicated to celebrating the 100th anniversary of Czech science. On this occasion, the Science Party Brno: Celebrate 100 years of Czech science and its future took place – an event organised by CEITEC and the Science Party Brno community. This rather unconventional celebration of science was held in the Open Garden premises in Údolní street. Attendees had a unique opportunity to meet scientists, science popularisers, and research enthusiasts. The aim of the event was to draw the public’s attention to the importance of science for modern society.

The event included an entertaining scientific programme, lectures and workshops. Lecturers included, among others, astrophysicist and science populariser Jiří Grygar or biologist and ecologist Ladislav Miko, Head of European Commission Representation in Slovakia.

The professional programme was also attended by representatives of the International Clinical Research Centre and its Kardiovize Brno 2030 research team – in the Czech Republic, this is a unique prevention project aimed at identifying current health risks to the residents of Brno and minimising them by 2030 through preventive programmes. At the FNUSA-ICRC booth, those interested could have their BP taken, breath carbon monoxide tested, or vascular age estimated.

Science Party Brno - FNUSA-ICRC

10 May 2018

Two awards for the best cardiology publications published in the previous year - The Best of Czech Cardiology - were awarded at this year's meeting of Czech Society of Cardiology in Brno to Dr. Ota Hlinomaz, the leader of Acute Coronary Syndromes research team FNUSA-ICRC.

Dr. Hlinomaz placed first as the 1st co-author of PRAGUE-18 study publication, whose leader is prof. Zuzana Motovska PhD. from the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital, Prague. This study compares new medications preventing blood coagulation in patients with acute myocardial infarction, who had surgically fixed constricted areas or completely closed coronary arteries supplying the heart muscle. The cardiologist from Brno also placed third for co-authorship of a publication regarding research in which experts compared two methods of restenosis in stent treatment. Both publications co-authored by Dr. Ota Hlinomaz were also presented in renowned international scientific magazines. The winning study PRAGUE-18 in Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JAAC) and the study which placed third got published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions.

Dr. Ota Hlinomaz FNUSA-ICRC
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