Res-Q video project

15 August 2018

Assoc. Prof. Robert Mikulik, Head of Cerebrovascular Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC and Head of the Complex Cerebrovascular Center at St. Anne’s University Hospital, participated in a new video about the RES-Q project. Assoc. Prof. Robert Mikulik, the PI behind the RES-Q project implementation, explains why it is an essential tool to include in your stroke quality improvement programme.

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doc. Mikulík FNUSA-ICRC
FNUSA-ICRC Received an American Patent

15 August 2018

An American patent for a new technology that can determine the electrical activation of the heart chambers and measure their mutual delays with the accuracy of milliseconds was obtained by scientists of FNUSA-ICRC, the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS and M&I Praha company. The technology that uses high-frequency components in the ECG signal was discovered primarily by scientists and physicians working in Brno. In practice, it can be used to determine a more effective treatment of patients with failing heart, thereby significantly prolonging the length of their lives. Additionally, the technology enables improved pacemaker settings for ongoing treatment to ensure the best possible performance of the heart as a pump. Its advantage is a simple and non-invasive procedure, also the diagnostics are cheap and easily accessible.

Pavel Leinveber FNUSA-ICRC
Neurodegenerative Disease Specialists  Reception

30 July 2018

FNUSA-ICRC organized a second networking reception in the USA, this year on the occasion of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, aiming to foster the interaction and collaboration between neuroscientists of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of neurodegenerative diseases.

The reception under the leadership of Gorazd B. Stokin, Chair of FNUSA-ICRC, took place at the the General Consulate of the Czech Republic in Chicago and was attended by four dozen professionals from around the world. Among them were Jose Abisambra from the University of Kentucky, Jose Medina from the Mayo Clinic, John Hardy from the University College London, Iliya Lefterov and Rada Koldamova from the University of Pittsburgh. The reception was also attended by FNUSA-ICRC scientists – Principal Investigator of Demence research team, prof. Jakub Hort with his colleague Katerina Sheardova.

FNUSA-ICRC organized a second networking reception in the USA - Photo 1
FNUSA-ICRC organized a second networking reception in the USA - Photo 2
FNUSA-ICRC organized a second networking reception in the USA - Photo 3
Nature Reviews Neurology Logo

30 July 2018

Nature Reviews Neurology Logo

The Principal Investigator of Dementia research team of FNUSA-ICRC Prof. Jakub Hort and the senior researcher of the team Assoc. Prof. Jan Laczó are co-authors of the manuscript that has been published in the prestigious international scientific journal Nature Reviews Neurology with an impact factor of 19,819. Congratulations! The review article entitled "Spatial navigation deficits – overlooked cognitive marker for preclinical Alzheimer's disease?" describes new opportunities how to diagnose cognitive impairment in patients in very early stages of Alzheimer's disease and focuses on a cognitive domain that has been neglected so far – spatial navigation, the worsening of which occurs already in the preclinical stage of the disease and may allow its early detection.

20 July 2018

Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

A bilateral cooperation agreement with the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice has been signed, specifically between the FNUSA-ICRC research team Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology Team and the Polish team of Clinical Cardiology and Structural Heart Diseases. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the scientific communities, in particular through the exchange of scientists and students, joint research projects, the organization of conferences or workshops and short-term visits or lectures at the partner institution.

25 June 2018

Ing. Milos Musil, who is a part of Protein Engineering Research Team of FNUSA-ICRC led by Jiri Damborsky, recently received two prestigious awards. At the end of June, he was awarded a Joseph Fourier Prize for his research in computer sciences, primarily for a tool called FireProt, which is used to automate the design of stable multipoint mutants.

Joseph Fourier Prize is awarded annually by the French Embassy in cooperation with Atos enterprise. Milos Musil was also awarded for a poster focused on FireProt. He received Young Scientist Award during ProtStab conference that was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. This award is intended for outstanding young researchers of wider Danube Region.

Miloš Musil FNUSA-ICRC
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