13 proposals were submitted to the internal grant competition

During April, an internal grant competition was launched to support emerging scientific projects: “Translating Research to Impact the Quality of Life”. The deadline for submission of proposals was at the end of May and is currently being evaluated by independent experts from ISAB Board FNUSA-ICRC.

In total, thirteen proposals were submitted, which were divided into four evaluation panels. The first panel evaluates the proposals submitted by researchers from St. Anne´s University Hospital Brno, others are focused on proposals of researchers from FNUSA-ICRC in the section Clinical Research, Molecular Genetics and Disease Modelling. “The aim of this competition was to motivate researchers not to be afraid to submit grant applications,” said Eliška Skalická, FNUSA-ICRC grant specialist, adding: “We will see in the future whether this plan was successful, but it is a very good start.”

The results of the internal grant competition will be announced during July.

FNUSA-ICRC grant competition