FNUSA-ICRC Is A Multidisciplinary Center Of Excellence In Translational Medical Research.

The International Clinical Research Centre (FNUSA-ICRC) was established in 2011 as an integral part of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA) and is the only EU funded medical research infrastructure in Czech Republic. It was founded as a unique research infrastructure within FNUSA to test and translate clinical fndings into basic discoveries, and basic discoveries into clinical practices. FNUSA-ICRC has autonomy in terms of research, management and fnances with the aim to integrate international multidisciplinary research with education and training through intensive international exchange of ideas and personnel for the beneft of patients, not only at FNUSA.

Strategic partnership with Mayo Clinic has a signifcant role in the successful establishment of our research institute. Implementation of the Mayo Clinic “three shields motto” symbolizing integration of research, clinical practice and medical education into the patient-centered approach is key for institute. In 10 years since its foundation, FNUSA-ICRC built its research infrastructure, internationally competitive research portfolio, introduced management governed by the Supervisory Board and launched the evaluation of the research teams by the International Scientifc Advisory Board (ISAB).

We have created a network of collaborations with academia and industry and patented our first discoveries. FNUSA-ICRC has become a center of excellence in the feld of clinical, translational, and pre-clinical research and currently takes pride in employing over 480 people (290 FTE) from 30 countries.

ISAB is composed of internationally recognized experts in the feld of medical sciences. ISAB‘s role is to provide advice and recommendations to FNUSAICRC management on long-term strategy issues, to FNUSA-ICRC directly follows the goals of the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019-2030 in the field of Innovation and Research Centers (The Country for Excellence). One of the main goals is to support key trends in clinical, and bio-medicine. We are the only such “center of excellence” in the field of medicine in Czech Republic financed in the National Sustainability Program (NPU II).

Our mission is to be a professional, internationally recognized and externally visible institution with excellent research based on high quality research infrastructure and attractive employer with the high standard of a professional internal environment. We believe that we can improve healthcare and the quality of life by linking clinical care, research and development, education and cooperation with the industrial sector. We aim to power innovations in healthcare with discoveries in understanding the development and progression of human diseases, as well as improving prevention, diagnosis and therapy of these diseases with direct impact on healthcare.

Based on my beliefs of future development and the mission we have signed up for, I am presenting my strategy letter for FNUSA-ICRC for 2021 and beyond. This is, and will be, a living document of course. Complemented by strategies of each individual research team and Core facility. Together, these documents offer both a guideline and insight on where FNUSA-ICRC is headed.

October 20th, 2020
Pavel Iványi, MBA, LL.M.
Executive Director of International Clinical Research Center at St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno