Departure conditions and formalities checklist



Unless you are leaving the country after the end of your employment contract, you need to inform your employer usually at least two full months in advance about your departure. If you intend to leave the Czech Republic only temporarily, you can alternatively arrange an unpaid leave. In case you are self-employed, you have to either terminate your self-employment license, or (meanwhile you would be abroad) temporarily suspend it.


When leaving the country, you’ll need to suspend or terminate the studies you’re enrolled in, by informing your institution. If your children studied at a Czech school during your stay, don’t forget to take copies of their latest study reports and results, to have a proof to give their new future school.

Residence card

Temporary residence: If you intend to leave the Czech Republic for over 180 days, you will need to inform the ministry at least three days before your departure and return your temporary residence card.

Permanent residence: You can retain your permanent residence card beyond your departure, if you intend to leave the country, but still have a valid residence address in the Czech Republic and won’t be away for more than 12 months. Otherwise, you’d need to inform you the Ministry and return your residence permit.

Health and social insurance

Before you leave, you should contact your insurance provider and inform them of the date of your departure. If you received a health insurance card and don’t intend to come back to the country anytime soon, you will have to return the card and fill a departure form. You should also inform the social security office, but in case you were employed in the Czech Republic, your employer usually does it for you.

Terminate contracts

Either a rental or other accommodation contract might need to be terminated (unless wanted otherwise). Your Czech bank account(s) should also be cancelled (if you leave it activated, some fees might occur later, although you may not be using the account anymore). Make sure to also terminate any other necessary contracts such as for electricity, internet, telephone, club memberships etc.

Doctor and dentist

If you have registered at the general practitioner / “family doctor”, dentist or any other private medical care, you should inform him/her of your departure, and it might come in handy to request a copy of your medical records for your future doctors.


In case you bought a car for your stay in the Czech Republic, you should either sell it before you leave (make sure you put it on the market well in advance), or you may keep it and leave the country if you have valid permissions for the car. Before you leave, make sure to cancel any parking permits you no longer require.


Check if you won’t be a tax resident / payer after you leave, so that no unpleasant surprises will occur.

Valid documents

Make sure you have all valid documents for your further travels. Apply for any visas needed for your intended destination and make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Can be also useful, if you make copies of your ID documents in case you lose them.