Dozens of Brno Citizens Came to Inform Themselves About Health

Citizens of Brno had the opportunity to visit our exposition in Pohořelec in the city center on the occasion of a long-term exhibition called “Where are you heading, Brno?” which took place as a part of the City Office’s project Brno – The Healthy City. Our center presented two projects to the public there. The first was an innovative training program that teaches students and the general public how to save lives when strokes and heart attacks occur. People learn to respond properly to critical situations with simulation scenes that realistically show signs of disease. The second project presented was Kardiovize Brno 2030, a cardiovascular prevention program in Central and Eastern Europe based on population analysis. Dozens of Brno citizens took the opportunity to have their blood pressure measured, tried to measure the strength of their handgrip or the amount of carbon monoxide in the exhalation.

FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 1FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 2
FNUSA-ICRC at Where are you heading, Brno? Photo 3