The FNUSA International Clinical Research Centre has a new director

Pavel Iványi, LL.M., MBA, is the successor of Gorazd Bernard Stokin MD, Ph.D. as the new director of the International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno as of May 4th, 2020.

Gorazd B. Stokin chaired FNUSA-ICRC from its infancy to become internationally renowned and a leading clinical research institution in the Czech Republic. “I’m pleased that under my seven years of leadership FNUSA-ICRC turned out to be so successful and that I could promote Czech research abroad. In this time the center obtained over 100 grants, published over 1000 publications, some in the best journals in the world, got several utility models and 3 patents approved and several others filed and created a global network of collaborations. Importantly, FNUSA-ICRC coordinated numerous clinical trials, which significantly helped patients in Brno,” said Gorazd B. Stokin, who is both a neuroscientist and a neurologist. He added that he will continue as the research group leader of his neuroscience team in the FNUSA-ICRC until the end of this year prior to joining his family in England.

“I would like to thank Dr. Stokin for the great work that he’s done. This year, the National Sustainability Grant (NPU) is coming to an end, and it is now clear that funding will not be as high for the next five-year period as before,” said the director of FNUSA, Ing. Vlastimil Vajdák. He added: “With regards to this fact, for the function of the new director of the ICRC I have employed a manager, lawyer and economist, Pavel Iványi. He does not have an easy task in front of him. At his disposal he has the results of an external personnel audit, which was performed at the ICRC, and a proposal for restructuring. He will have to design and set up the functioning of the center in the next funding period in such a way to make its activities utmost efficient,” Vlastimil Vajdák stated.

Pavel Iványi, LL.M., MBA, was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He then lived in the Netherlands for 27 years, where he studied law at the University of Amsterdam (LL.M.) and MBA at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Since his return to the Czech Republic in 2003 he has worked as a manager in several companies. In 2008 he established the International School of Brno, where he now works as a non-executive director. He is also the President of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce.