ICRC Academy with confirmed date!

High school and university students interested in clinical research or scientific work in general should highlight November 20-22 in their diaries. Weekend full of science will take place within the ICRC Academy on this date.

In the autumn, the program will include not only lectures and discussions, but also excursions directly to the labs of research teams. Participants will have the opportunity to see under the cover of clinical research. Everything will culminate on the weekend of November 20-22, which will be conceived as one large scientific seminar with networking and team competition combined with the possibility of obtaining a several-month internship in the research teams of the International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC).

The concept of the ICRC Academy was created with the aim of popularizing the activities and its results of FNUSA-ICRC research teams and motivating students to participate in scientific work. In previous years, more than 2,700 students took part, sixty of whom completed internships in research teams. Some of this work attracted them so much that they continue it and thus started a successful scientific career in the Czech Republic and abroad.

For example, Matěj Hlaváč also participated as a high school student. “The ICRC Academy was perfect, one of the lectures on studying abroad was actually the first impulse for me to apply to a school in Great Britain,” recalls Matěj Hlaváč. Despite the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, he hopes to complete a three-year cell biology study at University College London at the end of June.

Volodymyr Porokh participated in the ICRC Academy at the end of the first year of medicine in the spring of 2016. “After the seminar, I had the opportunity to spend an internship with associate professor Aleš Hampl from the laboratory of cell and tissue regeneration, and now Im still working there. ”He is currently researching human pluripotent stem cells. “Attending the Academy has allowed me to meet a lot of people with whom I share similar views and especially enthusiasm for science,” added Volodymyr Porokh.