Is cooperation with the British institutions at risk?

Brexit, the contemplated departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, has also impacts for science and mutual cooperation in this area. Currently, FNUSA-ICRC cooperates actively with Oxford University, cooperates with the Imperial College London, and the agreement on future cooperation is also before signing with Queen Mary University of London.

However, the future of EU-UK relations is uncertain. This is why a petition has been launched to raise awareness of this issue and to push for a deal to secure funding for joint research projects between British research organizations and institutions in the European Union. The #dealforscience petition was initiated by the EU-LIFE research alliance with EuroScience and WellCome Trust.

FNUSA-ICRC is a member of Alliance4Life, which has also been involved in the dissemination of the petition to researchers, so if you are interested in this initiative, you can attach your signature here.

Petice #dealforscience