Kardiovize Conference Day – online and with positive feedback

Dozen of experts from four continents participated in the conference organized by the research program Kardiovize Study. For the organizers, the step into the virtual environment was a big unknown, but everything turned out great. “We were most worried about the time shift. We had speakers from different time zones, from the USA, South America to Kenya,” said Juan Pablo Gonzalez Rivas MD, head of the FNUSA-ICRC Kardiovize 2030 research program.

The program included discussions not only on research, but also on various approaches to improving the health of the population, for example in Brazil, the issue of cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular health, or lifestyle medicine. “After each lecture there was space for discussion, sometimes it was quite difficult to adhere to the set time frame for the next lecture,” said Dr. Gonzalez Rivas.

The audience consisted not only of scientists, but also of doctors and students. In the morning, most of the audience was from the Czech Republic, in the afternoon foreign participants also joined. “We were pleased with the interest in this virtual conference and we would like to continue. We are thinking about the regular format of the event, where we would, for example, present one or two specific projects one day a month. The space for questions would thus be less limited and the Kardiovize project would become known to a larger professional and public audience, “added Dr. Gonzalez Rivas.

We keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out and of course we will inform about it in time!