Korean professor lectured at Biopark

Professor Heonyong Park came to visit The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) at the invitation of the Molecular control of cell signaling team. Prof. Park works in the Department of Molecular Biology at the Institute of Biotechnology and Nanosensors of Dankook University. In addition to a tour of the laboratories at the Biopark, he also gave a public lecture entitled The Pharmaceutical Mechanism of Action on FAK-Assoicated Drug in the Vascular System.

On this occasion we asked him about his impressions of the visit.

You were in the Czech Republic for the first time? How did you like it in Brno?
I visited Brno, Czech Republic for the first time. It was very impressive that people in Brno were very kind, delightful and cheerful. Therefore, I was thinking that Brno was the place where people love to live. In addition, I have known that Gregor Johann Mendel had studied and made his genetics discoveries in Brno.

What are your impressions of the FNUSA-ICRC visit?
I thought that FNUSA-ICRC was the excellent research center where researchers  actively exchange their opinions and I also noticed that FNUSA-ICRC laboratories were well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. This is important for professors and PIs who also need more researchers to work in order to achieve better results using fully theirresources. Wonderful to me.

Have you discussed any possibilities of cooperation with Brno colleagues in the future?
Yes, it was discussed with Brno colleagues regarding various topics. Especially, I was interested in cell adhesion linked to inflammation and cancer, while I discussed with Brno colleagues. More specifically, I will collaborate with Dr Shin, because our research interests are very similar.

Professor Heonyong Park