Martin Toul has received the Fulbright scholarship

Mgr. Martin Toul, student of Masaryk University and research technician in the Protein engineering team of The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC), in Loschmidt Laboratories, has achieved a significant accomplishment. He has received the Fulbright postgraduate scholarship for doctoral students, thanks to which he will be able to study during the autumn semester at the University of Texas in Austin in the study group of professor Kenneth A. Johnson.

The Fulbright Commission is a Czech-American governmental organization founded with the mission to enhance educational, scientific and cultural exchanges through scholarship programs and advising and information services. Fulbright commission awards prestigious scholarships for the stays of Czech students, teachers and scientists in the United States and for hosting american scholarship holders in the institutions of Czech Republic.

“I am very glad and I believe that the situation will calm down during the summer enough for me to undergo the research stay without any obstacle,” said Martin Toul. “During the stay I would like to concentrate especially on the development of skills in methods of transitive kinetics.”

The only thing to add here is that transitive kinetics is used mainly for detailed study of the mechanisms of enzyme catalyst and inhibitor bonds. It is the important part of enzyme engineering (the search for new enzymes for modern industrial biotechnology). Martin Toul also stressed that “The knowledge of the mechanisms of enzyme reactions is also important for the development of new pharmaceuticals and medical procedures for illnesses, which are connected to the altered function of vitally important enzymes.”