Technology transfer is an integral part of fulfilling our vision, which is based on enhancing the quality of health care and the quality of human life through the interconnection of clinical care, research, and development and cooperation with industry.

Further enhancing health care and the quality of human life is not possible without introducing new innovations in products, services, and methods. FNUSA-ICRC cooperates with the industrial sector in introducing innovations into medical care and cultivates and develops this highly appraised cooperation.

FNUSA-ICRC applies principles of social responsibility to its activities and gives priority cooperation, license provision, and other rights to organizations in such a way as to lead to the enhancement of quality of life in all geographical areas as well as to even relatively small groups of patients.

We offer our clients the ability to acquire innovative technologies through license provision, access to the FNUSA-ICRC research and development infrastructures, specialized consulting, realization of contract research projects, education/training of corporate experts, and so on.

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