The Story of a Stroke: The Patient’s Journey

Let’s stop the world together for a moment and take a closer look at what life looks like second by second when the stroke decides to turn it upside down. Together with experts in cerebrovascular research and rehabilitation care, during the webinar we compile a comprehensive picture of the path that a person affected by a stroke goes through and fill in all the unknowns
Stroke is one of the most common causes of death and permanent disability in our country. But what exactly does it look like when it strikes? Why never go to the hospital alone? How can the brain be rehabilitated and what will the insurance company pay for the patients? You will also find the answer to these topics. You can ask further questions also during the webinar.

Tune in to the webinar on 15 May at 5 pm and find out how patients live after a stroke, how the consequences affect the lives of patients and caring families, and how you can take care of a loved one after a stroke yourself.

Jan Bobek from the FNUSA-ICRC Cerebrovascular Research Program and physiotherapist Tereza Valíková from the SAREMA Rehabilitation Center will guide you through the topic.