Visit of top managers from GE Healthcare at FNUSA-ICRC

We hosted an honorable visit to the corporate sector yesterday at FNUSA-ICRC, high-ranking research executives from GE Healthcare, one of the 5 largest medical technology company in the world. We have discussed the possibilities of mutual cooperation in research and education. We have also presented a new type of high-frequency ECG, to which we have an American patent together with the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a small Prague company M & I s.r.o., and its potential in cardiology. We also showed our guests some of our laboratories and discussed other areas of potential collaboration, such as nuclear medicine or magnetic resonance. Visitors enjoyed not only our research, equipment, and environment, but the city of Brno as well and stayed 2 hours longer than planned. They had a lot of questions and suggested that in the coming months, a workshop will be held with GE Healthcare’s leading researchers of selected medical technologies. In particular, we were visited by Vice President and General Manager for Global Research of GE Healthcare, Director for Strategic Research in Europe, Director of Magnetic Resonance Research, Research Manager in Eastern Europe and Czech & Slovak Country Manager. The representatives of the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic and American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic were also present.

GE HealthCare visit at FNUSA-ICRC - Photo 1GE HealthCare visit at FNUSA-ICRC - Photo 2GE HealthCare visit at FNUSA-ICRC - Photo 3GE HealthCare visit at FNUSA-ICRC - Photo 4GE HealthCare visit at FNUSA-ICRC - Photo 5