We are proud to have a cutting-edge research center in Brno, says Brno’s mayor, Markéta Vaňková

Brno’s mayor at FNUSA-ICRC Markéta Vaňková

Markéta Vaňová has a law degree and has been active in politics with the Civic Democratic Party since 2002. In November 2018, she became the new mayor of Brno. How does she see the level of research in Brno, how does she support science and research and where, in her opinion, lies the potential for retaining young talents? Read her answers in our interview.

What did you like most when you walked around the laboratories of our International Clinical Research Center at FNUSA? What are your impressions?

My impressions are really good. I am very happy that Brno has a cutting-edge research center – we have something to be really proud of. I was also positively surprised that the citizens of Brno can join in some of your research projects, which means it brings tangible benefits for them.

Is there anything else that caught your attention?

I am also very happy that the International Clinical Research Center has attracted foreign researchers to Brno, both for short- and long-term stays, and that it has been promoting our city abroad, which I also see as very important.

In your opinion, what is the level of research in Brno? Does it compare well with other cities in the Czech Republic and abroad?

From what I know about this topic, and from looking at the contacts and visitors that I have seen as the mayor of this city, I would say that the level of research in Brno is excellent. Brno is proud to have been the city of science, research and innovation for a long time. And rightfully so, I would say. Among Czech cities, we are certainly at the top; at the European and international levels, we have kept up with others without any problems.

Is the city of Brno planning to continue supporting science and research in the future?

For clarification, let us not forget that the city of Brno has been developing the potential of our universities, research and development centers for a long time and since 2009, it has been directly investing into projects under the Regional Innovation Strategy. At the moment, the regular annual budget for science popularization is CZK 31 million and the city is spending another CZK 45 million to support research centers, talented students, innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises and the South Moravian Innovation Centre.

Do you see young talents leaving for abroad as being a risk?

Generally speaking, it is important that Brno will be a pleasant place to live. This does not mean just providing good work opportunities to people, but also a comfortable standard of living. In other words, we have to try our best so that people want to stay here. So that they believe, just like I do, that Brno is the best place to live.