WE WILL DEAL WITH A STROKE: 5 hours of unique content, 3,000 viewers and reach to Morocco

Stroke affects one in four people, visitors of the virtual event. „We will deal with a stroke“ now know how to prevent it. Three thousand spectators joined the fight against the stroke through mobile devices and computers from their homes. The awareness-raising event organized annually by the Cerebrovascular Research Program of FNUSA-ICRC on World Stroke Day has thus taken on a new dimension.

In twelve videos divided into 3 panels, viewers, for example, learned how to recognize a stroke and how to respond to it correctly. They learned magic formula of Dr. Volny to reduce the risk of stroke, consisting of a healthy diet, exercise, smoking cessation, and consistent medication. They experienced the course of the stroke from the point of view of the intervening doctor and peered into the patient’s brain. Research nurse Alexandra Brabcova revealed how to check the condition of the brain and how to measure pressure correctly. Those interested competed for original prizes and found out how to get involved in raising awareness through the fun challenge Act FAST. In the online chat, neurologist Jan Vinklarek and a former patient were interviewed, and in the end they had a stand up scene from Science Slam performed by Jan Bobek alias Mobster Death.

The main organizer, Hana Marsalkova, commented on the response to the seventh year of the awareness event. “Dealing with the awareness in a crowded online space was a challenge for our Cerebrovascular team. However, right now it is important to care about health and the advice provided by the experts to the audience also serves as a prevention for dozens of other diseases. We were really pleased with the great interest of the public – viewers watched an incredible 9,000 minutes of our content, which motivates us further. ”

The program broadcast on the Facebook pages of the HOBIT Project, which is implemented by the Cerebrovascular Research Team, is also praised by Martin Kaleta, winner of the knowledge competition: “I liked that it was said clearly and patients. I liked to look into the problem first hand and see it from their perspective. Every morning, I stretch my body in front of the online school and try to think more about reducing sugars and fatty foods. I want to be here for a hundred years! ”

According to available statistics, the event managed to reach spectators not only in the South Moravian Region, but also in Prague, South Bohemia or, unexpectedly, in faraway Morocco. The greatest success of the entire program with almost four thousand views was recorded in the first panel, in which the audience was guided by prof. Robert Mikulik on the way of a patient with CMP and outlined the examination from the doctor’s point of view. On the occasion of World Stroke Day, Prof. Mikulik, head of the stroke center and the Stroke Research Program, was a guest of Good Morning on Czech Television on October 29. In his introduction, he drew the attention of viewers, among other things, to the pitfalls of the current lifestyle leading to a worldwide increase in stroke in the population under 20 years of age. “To have enough exercise, at least five times a week for 20 minutes, not to eat in excess of animal fats and not to underestimate high blood pressure and cholesterol,” these are, according to prof. Mikulik, essential advice that not only CT viewers should take to heart. he also presented the HOBIT project, which has been educating children and the general public about stroke for a long time. ”

Did you miss the broadcast? Don’t despair, access to the videos is still possible on the FB / HOBIT project page and you can also find selected videos on YouTube channel.