The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno is multidisciplinary center of excellence in translational medical research.

FNUSA-ICRC aims to improve health care and the quality of life through linking clinical care, research and development, education and cooperation with the industrial sector.

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Professor Mikulík discussed with the President of Moldova the improvement of stroke care

17. 9. 2019 | Professor Robert Mikulík, together with the World Health Organization (WHO) expert...

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The MCCS team introduces itself

19. 9. 2019 | The Molecular control of cell signaling (MCCS) research team is a...

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Cooperation with British partners in the shadow of BREXIT

18. 9. 2019 | FNUSA-ICRC hosted a public lecture by Dr. Otakar Fojt, Scientific Attaché...

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Korean professor lectured at Biopark

17. 9. 2019 | Professor Heonyong Park came to visit The International Clinical Research Center...

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Patent awarded for multi-electrode epicardial pacing

16. 9. 2019 | We have been awarded a joint U.S. patent with Mayo Clinic...

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FNUSA-ICRC laboratories were visited by experts from Vienna

12. 9. 2019 | Following last year's visit of the Heads of Cardiology Research Teams...

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