Appointment of four Deputy Directors for Science

Executive Director of The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) Pavel Iványi, MBA, LL.M. appointed four Deputy Directors for Science with effect from 1st January this year. Their main task will be to ensure the scientific and research strategy of the center, and today the decrees were handed over.

“This is a logical step, I am not a scientist, so I need someone who will recommend the right steps in science and research,” said Pavel Iványi. In addition to the common agenda, each of the deputies will have areas to focus on. Investments and research infrastructures will be in charge of Mgr. Vladimír Rotrekl Ph.D., Head of the Stem Cells and Disease Modeling team. Giancarlo Forte Ph.D., head of the Mechanobiology of Disease team, will focus on strategic projects. The translation of research into clinical care will be provided by MUDr. Martin Pešl Ph.D. and the area of cooperation with external entities will be covered by Ing. Pavel Leinveber, Biomedical Engineering Research Team Leader.

“As another activity aimed at strengthening the role of science and research, I would also like to find a scientific director this year who would lead this team and be in charge of all scientific activities of our center. I would like to thank my colleagues who have taken on this agenda in addition to their research activities, “added Pavel Iványi.

In the photo from the left: MUDr. Martin Pesl Ph.D., Ing. Pavel Leinveber and Mgr. Vladimir Rotrekl Ph.D., Giancarlo Forte Ph.D. unfortunately he could not attend.