Equal opportunities and diversity at FNUSA-ICRC

In terms of equal opportunities, the FNUSA-ICRC endorses the objectives of the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2025 and the Gender Equality Strategy for 2021–2030 of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

At the organisational level, the FNUSA-ICRC is committed to include gender equality and diversity policies among the Centre’s long-term development strategies through implementing the FNUSA-ICRC Gender Equality Plan for 2022–2024.

General starting points for the Gender Equality Plan – the Equal Opportunities Audit

The Gender Equality Plan was developed based on the outcomes of the Equal Opportunities Audit that was carried out at the FNUSA-ICRC from August to November 2021 by Genderové informační centrum NORA o.p.s. in line with the requirements defined by the Gender Audit Standards of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Areas of and objectives set by the Gender Equality Plan

The FNUSA-ICRC Gender Equality Plan meets the following minimum requirements as specified by the European Commission:

  • Publication: a formal document published on the institution’s website and signed by top management
  • Dedicated resources: allocating resources and expertise in the field of gender equality for the implementation of the plan
  • Data collection and monitoring: gender-disaggregated data on persons employed, and annual reports based on established indicators
  • Training: awareness raising/training on gender equality and unconscious gender biases for employees and decision makers The GEP includes support for training and development of FNUSA-ICRC employees in the form of seminars, training sessions and workshops for various target groups aimed at building capacities and developing expertise.

The Gender Equality Plan itself is based on the outputs of a gender audit that has been conducted. Based on the key findings, key areas have been identified and developed into specific objectives, concrete measures and actions.

Areas of intervention:
1. Organisational objectives and institutional arrangements for gender equality policy
2. HR policy
3. Pay policy
4. Work-life balance
5.Organisational culture and workplace relations
Objectives set in the various areas of the FNUSA-ICRC Gender Equality Plan
for 2022–2024

1. Implement gender equality policies within the FNUSA-ICRC
2. Raise awareness/provide training on gender equality and unconscious gender biases for employees
3. Improve the way selection procedures are carried out
4. Set up an onboarding process for new employees
5. Promote a level playing field for professional development and career progression
6. Promote equal pay for men and women
7. Promote work-life balance
8. Prevent undesirable behaviour in the workplace (bullying, sexual harassment)