CZECRIN achieves excellent results in the international evaluation of research infrastructures in the Czech republic

The Large Research Infrastructure CZECRIN was created based on close cooperation between Masaryk University, and the International Clinical Research Centre of the University Hospital at St. Anny in Brno passed the international evaluation of research infrastructures with the total number of points.

The Large Research Infrastructure CZECRIN, which supports academic clinical trials and connects university hospitals, universities, and research centers in the field of biomedicine, has achieved an excellent evaluation in the last international evaluation of research infrastructures in the Czech Republic, announced and coordinated by the Ministry of Education. CZECRIN thus received recommendations for financing in the coming years. “We are particularly pleased that we have defended the highest possible evaluation from the previous 2018 evaluations. Since then, we have not only maintained a high level of infrastructure but have also significantly developed its activities,” adds Lenka Součková, national infrastructure coordinator and assistant professor at the Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University.

Since the last evaluation, after which the infrastructure also became a full member of the European ECRIN network (status valid since 2018), CZECRIN has expanded its expertise, thus expanding the areas of support for medical facilities and research. CZECRIN offers its members comprehensive support in the field of clinical research in all its phases. An All-In-One scheme provides researchers with consultation, management, and coordination of clinical trials, regulatory expertise, pharmacoeconomic studies and offers research access to a unique certified GMP unit for research and development of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).

The infrastructure has also given rise to industry-oriented networks to facilitate cooperation in individual research areas (e.g., STROCZECH – Czech Stroke Research Network, CZECRIN ONCO) and is constantly expanding its reach and support. “It is a unique connection between researchers-physicians and the already existing research network, which helps them to implement their ideas for the implementation of academic clinical studies. Industry-oriented networks reflect leading research areas in medicine, and thanks to involvement in CZECRIN, it is possible to verify directly and subsequently apply innovations to patient care.” explains doc. MUDr. Regina Demlova, Ph.D., director of Infrastructure and Head of the Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University.

This year, CZECRIN is part of 92 national and 22 international projects focused on clinical research to optimize human health care.