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Information about our center is now available at www.brnoregion.com. The website introduces the city of Brno and the life in it to foreigners. It attracts them to study in Brno or to work in one of its companies or institutions.

Besides the brief introduction of the center, you can also read a short commentary from one of our researchers.
Ana Rubina Perestrelo
 is a Portuguese native from Madeira island and she moved to Brno 2014 and has stayed in the city thanks to its friendly atmosphere ever since.
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Did you know?

Our center already employs foreigner workers from 20 countries – from India, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. For example, there are 18 Italians who work in the center and a year ago, even a baby was born to one of our Italian couples in Brno. Foreigners make up more than 20% of the center’s employees and we are open to other talented colleagues from abroad.