FNUSA-ICRC Stroke Research Team involved in the Czech and Slovak Cerebrovascular Congress in Mikulov

In the middle of September, the 46th traditional Czech and Slovak Cerebrovascular Congress was held in MikulovThis year, Stroke research team was also actively involved in the program of one of the Europe’s oldest scientific and educational events in Europe in the cerebrovascular field. Assoc. Prof. Robert Mikulík, the Head of the research team, presented the results of the thrombolytic treatment in the Czech Republic in the opening section of the conference. The quality of stroke care in the country is in some aspects the best in the world and is constantly improving. Thanks to the well-managed logistics, it is possible to treat more and more patients, as the number of those who are in the so-called therapeutic time window, when they are still curable, is rising. Together with his colleague, Dr. Petra Cimflova, they also organized a brain imaging workshop. They trained around a hundred participants on how to better understand the images of patients suspected of stroke and how to use the new reading programs.

FNUSA-ICRC Mikulov 2018