Kick-off Meeting of A4L_ACTIONS Project

On 25th May 2021, Alliance4Life organizes the kick-off meeting of its new Horizon 2020 project titled Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe (A4L_ACTIONS).

It is a continuation of the successful Alliance4Life project, which was initiated by the CEITEC Masaryk University institute with a clear mission to help bridge the innovation gap between Western and Eastern Europe. The ten founding members, including our center, formed the alliance as a permanent structure in Vilnius in October 2019 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and continued to work together in a difficult year 2020. Two new member institutions from Bulgaria and Romania were invited to the A4L_ACTIONS project.

A4L ACTIONS aims to increase the attractiveness of science centers in Central and Eastern Europe for cooperation with Western Europe, which will have an impact on Europe-wide research excellence and the impact of scientific research on society, human health and quality of life. A4L ACTIONS builds on the results achieved under A4L and will seek to further develop them in the following areas:
– Culture fostering excellence: piloting peer-evaluation and assessment of institutional practice as a strategic management tool, professionalizing research administration;
– Recognition and trust towards CEE: attracting advanced partners to identified pockets of excellence, supporting scientific ideas originating in CEE, initiating new international projects and collaborations with industry;
– Career policy nurturing talent: training and networking next generation of leaders, upgrading institutional career systems;
– Impact on innovation: raising the competences of Technology Transfer specialists, creating industry relations platform linking academia and industry;
– Spill-over effects: sharing, inspiring, communicating with stakeholders and policy makers; using the established networks to gain advice, new collaborations and EU-wide impact.

The plenary session will be open to all, registration is possible here:

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