Next week we’ll focus on a stroke! Together and online.

This year, the annual awareness-raising event on the occasion of World Stroke Day held by the Cerebrovascular Research Team of the International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno will turns into a projection on a screen. On Tuesday, October 27, immerse yourself in the world of stroke from the safety of your smartphones or computer monitors – served unpackaged by us, patients and experts. 3 panels, 12 parts, 300 minutes full of suspense, rare shots and meetings with people who will give you comprehensive information.

It will be possible to follow the entire program on the Facebook pages of the educational project HOBIT, which the research team is running. The selected videos will then also be placed on Youtube. “In cooperation with doctors, patients and other experts, we have prepared a unique program for viewers, which will acquaint them with the issue of stroke in a fun and interactive way,” said the event organizer Ing. Hana Maršálková.

Those interested can virtually walk through the premises of the FNUSA-ICRC Cerebrovascular Team, take part in an online yoga lesson or compete for original prizes. The agenda will also include a lecture on how to safely recognize a stroke, how to react to it, how to reduce its risk and not become a patient. “We will guide viewers on how to measure the values which are a risk factor for stroke at home. We also provide unique behind-the-scenes footage of a stroke patient with accompanying specialist commentary, and the online stream will be answered by a neurologist and a patient after a stroke, “added Hana Maršálková to the program of the event.

The program will be attended, for example, by prof. MUDr. Robert Mikulík, Ph.D., pioneer of modern treatment of stroke, MUDr. Ondřej Volný, Ph.D., holder of the prestigious Danubius Young Scientis Award in the field of stroke research and many other experts. The event was also financially supported by the Brno-střed district.

A stroke affects every other person. 2 million brain cells die in a minute. Take an interest. Turn on the Facebook project HOBIT on October 27 at 10 am and get vital information first hand.