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KARDIOVIZE Lifestyle program – a year-long program with coach and group support

Key benefits identified from the pilot run:
  • Weight reduction of up to 14 kg
  • Reduction in waist circumference up to 12.6 cm
  • Reduction in body fat by up to 7.4%
  • Improvement in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels (reduction in medication dosage and eventual complete discontinuation)
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The Kardiovize Lifestyle Medical Programs provide advanced medical screening in cardiometabolic risk factors, and tailored recommendations in lifestyle medicine to tackle the presence of obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.

Unhealthy lifestyle cause most of the more frequent diseases worldwide. Unhealthy eating, insufficient physical activity, tobacco use, and excess of alcohol consumption are the main drivers to non-communicable diseases, in our case of specialization, with abnormal adiposity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension. Clinical practice guidelines recommend to lifestyle recommendations to treat all this conditions, however, the standard strategies of recommendations are insufficient.

For this reason, lifestyle diseases tend to progress to manifest symptoms and complications and are treated at late stages of the diseases. Lifestyle medicine offers the opportunity to prevent these diseases and complications at early stages. This demand the early screening and proper stratification of the risk factors.

According to the results of the Kardiovize Study, around 60% of the adult population in Brno have the criteria to start lifestyle intervention programs at early stage of the disease. Our center contributes with the detection and stratification of subjects at risk and provide effective interventions.

We are offering:

  • Advanced screening of cardiometabolic diseases. The test includes laboratory, echocardiography, measuring of body composition, electrocardiogram, medical and nutritional recommendations
  • Lifestyle intervention programs to reduce weight, prevent type 2 diabetes, improve lipid levels, and reduce blood pressure
  • Smoking cessation program

Preventive Examination at KARDIOVIZE

The package includes:

Day 1 – examination:

  • Blood and urine tests (blood count, blood sugar, blood fats, liver and kidney function).
  • Body composition measurements on the InBody device
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Measurement of handgrip strength – an indicator of physical fitness

Day 2 – Healthy lifestyle advice:

  • Consultation with a doctor and nutritionist

Examinations and consultations will be split into two days. The results from the examinations will be interpreted to you personally during the consultation. The examination will take approximately 45 minutes. The consultation with the doctor and the nutritionist takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Price: CZK 5 800