Heart and brain signals. Read and understood.

Ing. Pavel Leinveber


Tel: +420 54 318 5536

Key words

Advanced Acquisition of Biological Signals, Data-Analyses in Cardiology and Neurology.

Research focus

  • Focus on the development and testing of new methods and technologies for improved diagnostics for better stratification of heart and brain diseases.
  • Progressive analyses of weak electrical signals emitted by the body organs through an advanced acquisition of these signals.
  • We offer high-quality technical engineering services for researchers in terms of biological signals measurement and analyses, as well as the research data management and mining.
  • Development of new diagnostic technologies and tools in neurology and cardiology.

Main goals

  • To research various frequency components in the ECG signal and their contribution in clinical practice – spatial and temporal distribution properties in QRS complex on different frequencies using new ultra-high frequency ECG (UHF-ECG) methods and technology.
  • To analyze EEG high-frequency oscillations (HFOs) and their meaning in physiology and pathophysiology of the epileptic brain.
  • To research the EEG signal propagation – the brain connectivity in physiology and pathophysiology in epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Technological equipment

  • HiSeM Laboratories – special labs for highly sensitive biological signals measurement, equipped with Faraday cages and special acquisition systems designed for rooms with a highly clean environment (in terms of electromagnetic interference).
  • Flexible Labs – full-range laboratories equipped for cardio and neuro diagnostic methods and measurement of biological signals.