Juan Pablo Gonzalez Rivas, MD

E-mail: juan.gonzalez@fnusa.cz

Phone: +420 543 185 596

Key words

Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, Population Based Study, Intervention Programs, Smoking Cessation, Physical Activity, Nutrition.

Research focus

  • Data acquisition, analysis, publication, and diffusion of relevant epidemiologic and public health topics focused on cardiovascular and mental risk factors.
  • To collaborate with other international research teams (e. g. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA; Mount Sinai, NU, NY, USA; Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic).
  • To design, implement, and evaluate intervention programs to reduce the burden of major risk factors.
  • To create business opportunities that contribute with the sustainability of the institution and promotion of the population health.
  • To monitor changes in awareness of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease with diagnostic and laboratory methods.
  • To adapt population-focused prevention programs and promotion of health education.
  • To determine recommended methodology of community intervention programs.

Main goals

  • To assess the cardiometabolic and cognitive risk factors and their determinants in the Czech population.
  • To implement and evaluate population and individual interventions in Brno to reduce cardiovascular diseases and cognitive decline risk, as a portable model to be replicated in others cities of the region.
  • To collaborate with researchers of low and middle-income countries to improve the understanding of the complex relationship among cardiometabolic, mental, and cognitive risk factors.
  • To develop business opportunities evaluating new technologies and providing to the Brno population access to high-quality and high-technology evaluations and programs.
  • To consolidate Kardiovize as a European leading center in cardiovascular disease prevention research.

Technological equipment

  • Bioimpedance InBody 370 – measuring body composition (using bioimpedance analysis)
  • Air Displacement Plethysmograph Bod Pod – measuring body composition (using the method of AHP)
  • Ultrasound GE Vivid E9 (echocardiography)
  • Ultrasound Essaote (Intima-media thickness)
  • Smokerlyzer Bedfont – measuring carbon monoxide in breath.
  • BVI Scanner – measuring body volume index
  • Multichannel whole-body impedance plethysmography – (MPM – Multichannel Pulsewave Monitor)
  • CAVI Fukuda Denshi – measuring vascular stiffness