prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Štěrba, Ph.D.

Research focus
Personalized precision pediatric oncology uses up to date theranostic approaches in order to increase survival and decrease long term morbidity and sequelae from the disease and the necessary therapies. POTR also focuses on rational incorporation of new anticancer drugs into earlier lines of treatment based on comprehensive DNA, RNA and proteomic analyses of the tumor and the patient as the host. As well as establishing functional regional models for long term follow up with transition of care from pediatric to adult services as the platform to study long term toxicities, risk factors and possible ways to decrease the treatment burden.

Research objectives

  • Personalized precision pediatric oncology based on comprehensive assessment of the tumor and the host.
  • Decreasing the disease and treatment related morbidity and mortality, while studying long term survi­vors and running juvenile animal studies for new anticancer medicines.
  • The CSF proteomic project for children with brain tumors and leukemia and NHL. Analysis of possible biomarkers.

Main partners

  • Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  • Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA
  • AP-HM, Marseille, France

Offered services and expertise

  • Unique and well characterized population of young adults – former pediatric oncology patients who are at risk of late toxicity from the disease and the treatment, and who should be looked after and further stu­died in many areas, mainly cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology.
  • Established cooperation with international pediatric oncology centers in Europe and the US.

Top publications

  • PEARSO ANDREW D.J., ROSSIG C., LESA G., et al. Accelerate and European Medicines Agency Paediatric Strategy Forum for medicinal product development of checkpoint inihibitors for use in combination therapy in paediatric patients. European Journal of Cancer. 2020, 127, 52 – 66.
  • GASPAR N., MARSHALL LF, BINNER D., HEROLD R., ROUSSEAU R., BLANC P., CAPDEVILLE R., CARLEER J., COPLAND C, KERLOEGUEN Y, NORGA K, PACAUD L, SEVAUX MA, SPADONI C., STERBA J., LIGA F., Taube T., UTTENREUTHER-FISCHER M., CHIATO S., O´CONELL MA, GEORGE B., BlAY JY, SORIA JC, KAYE S., WULFF B., BURGIERÉS L., VASSAL G., PEARSON ADJ, Joint adolescent-adult early phase clinical trials to improve acces to new drugs for adolescents with cancer: proposals from the multi-stakeholder platform-ACCELARATE, Annals of Oncology. 2018, 766 – 771.
  • PEARSON ANDREW D.J., SCOBIE N., NORGA K., Accelerate and European Medicine Agency Paediatric Startegy forum for medicinal product development for mature B-cell malignancies in children,  European Journal of Cancer. 2019.
  • SKODA J., NERADIL J., ZAMBO I. STANICZKOVA, et. al., Serial Xenotransplantation in NSG Mice Promotes a Hybrid Epithelial/Mesenchymal Gene Expression Signature and Stemness in Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells. Cancers, 2020.
  • NOSKOVA H., KYR M., PAL K., et. al. Assesment of Tumor Mutational Burden in Pediatric Tumors by Real-Life Whole – Exome Sequencing and In Silico Simulation of Targeted Gene Panels: How the Choice of Method Could Affect the Clinical Decision ? Cancers, 2020.

Other selected results

Establishment of the functional model of national and international cooperation enabling access to full range of personalized precision diagnostics for children with cancer and designation of international pediatric oncology study group around Brno – which in cooperation with CZECRIN is the platform to further study personalized, precision pediatric oncology.