prof. MUDr. Robert Mikulík, Ph.D.

Tel: +420 543 184 080

Key words

Stroke Diagnosis and Acute Treatment. Stroke Logistics, Simulation Education, Stroke Awareness, Stroke Care Quality and Implementation Research, Pre-clinical Research, Neuroepidemiology, Clinical Trials

Research focus

  • Research actvites of the Stroke Research Group (STR) include development and implementation of innovative methods for the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of acute ischemic stroke. Research portfolio is designed across translational axis from basic science to clinical research and implementation research. The emphasis is on a translational approach so that knowledge gained through basic research is applied and tested in clinical practice and then translated into health care system and population
  • European Stroke Organisation, Switzerland
  • ANGELS Initative, The world-wide stroke support project, Germany
  • University of Calgary, Canada
  • Network of Stroke Centres in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Simulation training and methodology- is intended for stroke teams and professionals in stroke
  • System Engineering/Software Developing and data management
  • Preclinical Research: highly sophisticated in vitro flow models and small animal models of stroke
  • Web-based platform for education of children and lay public in stroke
  • Coordination of clinical trials

Main goals

  • Research on implementation of evidence-based treatments
  • Development of in vitro and animal model for stroke to test new diagnostics (e.g. basic thrombus imaging) and therapeutic strategies (e.g. new recanalizaton methods)
  • Identification of beter stroke awareness methods including program on stroke awareness in children

Technological equipment

  • Fully equipped Stroke Unit with neuroimaging machines
  • The Laboratory of Nanopharmacology NAPHARM is a joint workplace of the Veterinary Research Institute and FNUSA-ICR
  • IT infrastructure for medical databases and research