MVDr. Eva Odehnalová

Phone: +420 543 185 437

Online service ordering

To order services, please contact the Head of CF via email.

CF focus

  • AC is a core facility providing expertise, know-how of technological procedures and owns the necessary technological equipment for excellent in vivo research carried out on animal models
  • AC works on models of large (pigs) and small (mice, rats) animals
  • AC supports the other research teams from the initial design of the experiment, in the preparation of the project proposal document, during approval process, up to the realization of the experiment
  • AC focuses on the standardization of experimental procedures according to European and national legislation for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes
  • Culture of Care with 3R policy in in vivo research
  • We believe that excellent scientific results can be achieved only if all animal wellfare conditions are respected

Offered services

  • expert consultations in the preparation of the design of an animal experiment
  • support in the preparation of the project proposal
  • assistance during the approval process of project proposal by the Ethisc Committee and by the relevant ministry
  • realization of the experiment
  • providing the necessary staff and technological equipment
  • processing of results according to prior agreement
  • preparation of a final report about the experiment for the relevant ministry
  • cooperation on scientific and contracted research according to the client’s requirements

Technological equipment

  • Electrophysiology equipment: ENSITE 3D NavX, RF generator, stimulator for electrophysiology, 3D mapping system Carto 3
  • Diagnostic ultrasound machines: intracardial Typ: Vivid i, Typ: Vivid 7 Dimension
  • X-ray – C-arm
  • Anesthesiological machine Typ: Aespire 7900
  • Multifunction display system IN VIVO
  • Noninvasive blood pressure measurement CODA8, Kent Scientific
  • IntelliCage, PhenoMaster, MotoRater, Multi Conditionining Systém
  • Stellar Telemetry System for rodents