MVDr. Eva Odehnalová

Main focus
AC is a research facility keen to provide knowledge, know-how, and technologies to cutting edge in vivo research.
AC supports other research teams from experimental design to practical procedures, including assistance in the preparation of projects of trials up to the level of approval of the project of trial by the relevant departmental expert commission for the approval of projects of trials on animals.
AC is focused on standardization of animals´ housing and experimental procedures according to the European and national legislation and regulatory compliances (e.g. FDA and MHRA).
We believe that good and reproducible data can be achieved only if optimal animal health and welfare are fulfilled.


• Fulfilment of 3R Policy in in vivo research
• Refinement of experimental procedures with implementation of systematic review process
• Compliance with existing legislation and standards in preclinical research
• Thorough care for welfare of experimental animals

Offered services and expertise

• Supervising and carrying out experimental procedures on rodent and pig models
• Design of experimental procedures for preclinical research: in vivo testing of rodent behavior, metabolism and physiology; research in cardiac electrophysiology and neurology
• Help and support with the authorization process of projects of trials

Main partners

• Pharmaceutical Faculty; Masaryk University, Brno
• Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine; Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; Palacky University, Olomouc
• Veterinary Research Institute, Brno
• Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Brno
• Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH, Vienna, Austria
• Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
• Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
• Stereotaxis, Inc, St. Louis, United States