Ing. Lucie Tesárková


Phone: +420 543 185 174

Online service ordering

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CF focus

  • Focus on conducting clinical trials from the start-up phase to study completion and document archiving.
  • We process sponsored and academic clinical studies.
  • We offer support for conducting all phases (I to IV) of clinical studies – the service of a study coordinator and a study nurse.

Offered services

  • Feasibility study processing.
  • Ensuring the start-up phase of the study – negotiation of a contract for a clinical study, ensuring cooperation with FNUSA workplaces
  • Invoicing of clinical trials, payment of travel expenses to patients, and advice in this area.
  • Support during clinical trials – services of a study coordinator, study nurse, or data manager.
  • Possibility to use operational and research premises of CCS for the realization of visits to clinical study.
  • Support and consultation in the preparation of academic clinical studies (submission to SÚKL and EK) and others.

Technological equipment

  • Freezers, refrigerators.
  • Centrifuge refrigerated, non-refrigerated.
  • Monitored beds.
  • ECG machine, thermometers, and more.