doc. Mgr. Kamil Paruch, Ph.D.


Key words

Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Kinases, Nucleoside Analogs, Nucleases.

Research focus

  • The research in our laboratory focuses on development of synthetic methods and strategies for preparation of structurally non-trivial small molecules for applications in biomedical research. Specifically, our project includes:
  • Development of potent inhibitors of certain „non-routine“ kinases (CLK, HIPK).
  • Synthesis of new forskolin-based modulators of adenylyl cyclases
  • Identification inhibitors of selected DNA repair pathways (nucleases Mre11 and Mus81).
  • Preparation of new small-molecules probes of cell differentiation, and fluorescent probes for biological systems.
  • Organic synthesis of small-molecule organic compounds of medium complexity.
  • Medicinal chemistry – optimization of early leads.

Main goals

  • Total synthesis of new analogs of forskolin and testing their activity against human adenylyl cyclases.
  • dentification of new inhibitors targeting underexplored protein kinases.
  • SAR development around the existing proprietary inhibitors of nucleases MRE11 and Mus81; identification of sub-micromolar inhibitors.
  • Synthesis and biological profiling of new carbocyclic C-nucleosides.

Technological equipment

  • HPLC with UV, MS and CAD detection
  • NMR spectrometer
  • microwave reactor
  • high pressure reactor
  • automatic purification systems