Successful launch of web for volunteers

New web of the St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno has already attracted attention of institutions, companies and individuals on the day of its launch. There was interest in sewing masks, volunteering and material and financial assistance.

During the first three days of the fully actived site, St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno counted more than two thousand unique visitors. But more important than numbers is the interest of people and their desire to help. “We register dozens of companies and individuals who contected us and have been able to deliver a variety of materials, food, simply what suits the health-care professionals and hospital staff. People and companies are also contributing funds to buy aids and devices that help fight coronavirus, ”said St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno Vlastimil Vajdák. He added that he values the coherence of FNUSA staff: “It is unbelievable how many people, directly from the hospital or from our International Clinical Research Center, have been involved in volunteering and assistance. Some employees’ families have even contributed a financial gift to the hospital. I appreciate everyone – even small – help. ”

The public interest is also illustrated by the number of home-made face masks given out to hospital administrators and serving healthcare professionals on their way to and from work. “By Friday, we have delivered exactly 1,020 face masks to our colleagues and we will continue next week. I would like to thank all the seamstresses, we appreciate their help very much, ”said Jana Jarešová from the International Clinical Research Center of FNUSA, which is in charge of the distribution of cloths to individual departments.