The issue of GDPR attracted over fifty participants

Annual 10th Partner Forum of the International Clinical Research Centre of ST. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) was called GDPR in Biomedical Research. Although the General Data Protection Regulation has been a one-and-a-half year „old“ legislation, it is a very delicate and debated topic, especially in medicine.
The number of listeners corresponded to this – more than fifty. In addition to colleagues from our hospital and FNUSA-ICRC, there were also employees of university hospitals from Brno, Olomouc or Hradec Králové and from the Regional Hospital in Liberec. The academic sphere was represented, for example, by participants from Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, several institutes of the Academy of Sciences or Technical University of Košice. The commercial sector was also represented.
The program itself included the practical experience of speakers with GDPR from different perspectives. The scientific representative was Doc. RNDr. Petr Holub from the Institute of Computer Science of Masaryk University, a more detailed view in terms of biostatistics was presented by Mgr. Bc. Silvie Bělašková, PhD. from FNUSA-ICRC. From the legal and academic point of view presented his experience with GDPR the Vice-Rector of Masaryk University and the head of its Institute of Law and Technology, Doc. JUDr. Radim Polcak, Ph.D.
Specific issues concerning the functioning of GDPR in the research institution were presented by Mgr. Leoš Ševčík of FNUSA-ICRC and FNUSA Personal Data Protection Officer Mgr. et Mgr. Zuzana Ondrůjová. “I am glad that such meetings are taking place and I was very pleased to attend,” she added. “It reflects my own experience that people tend to approach this issue more rationally, with specific questions and are more open to dealing with problematic situations when personal data protection concerns them in their professional activities. And of course scientists and healthcare professionals are very concerned about this… ”
After the event, the candidates had the opportunity to see selected FNUSA-ICRC workplaces. “I appreciate very well-informed and professional contributions, and the lecturers were able to give these purely professional contributions in a very clear way. The individual contributions provided a synthesis of the approach of the research team member and his / her perspective on the processing of personal data and the issue in question with a legal perspective, while citing current case law. The presented conclusions can then be applied to other areas and are therefore applicable to the field of advocacy, where I operate – here I would highlight the issue of the DPO, who is dealt with in law practice many times,” added Mgr. Jan Habanec from law office Vašíček and partners. “I also thank you for the opportunity to get acquainted with other parts of the FNUSA-ICRC, both in laboratories and in the coronary clinic.”

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund – project Development of technology transfer services in FNUSA-ICRC (reg. No .: CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_014 / 0000653).