To Pea, or not to Pea… that is the question!

The pun in the introduction may seem inappropriate, but it has its justification. It relates to a project with a same name – To Pea, or not to Pea… Hamlet’s call was modified to refer to the pea plant, which is inseparably linked with Gregor Johann Mendel, the father of genetics.

The aim of the project To Pea or not to Pea… is to popularize science through the legacy of Gregor Johann Mendel and is organized with the support of the International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) and the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University. The idea is simple – a competition in growing peas.

“The project should connect personalities from the academic and scientific world with the help of one of the biggest motivators – natural competition,” said the project organizer Mgr. Martina Petříková. “We will distribute peas all over the world and participants will compete in whose pea plant grows the best.” The voting of participants and the public will be included, as well as a special Facebook page.

The database of participants is relatively wide and covers literally the whole world. “The vast majority of foreign academics or scientists who came to visit us in Brno had an enormous interest in the personality of Gregor Johann Mendel. He is a truly global celebrity in the world of science, “added Martina Petříková. “The initial impulse for this project was a friendly quarrel between three Italian scientists over a pea seeds, which were received as a gift. They started growing plants once they got back to the lab and share their achievements with me.”

The To Pea or not to Pea… project will take place several times a year and the organizers believe in success and continuation in the future. “We would like to invite the best participants to Brno for both science and fun – to give a lecture especially to our young scientists and visit places connected with Mendel’s life,” added Mgr. Blanka Křížová, director of the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University. “Our aim is to present the city of Brno as a university, scientific and vibrant city.”