Surface tests in the hospital will reassure visitors

St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno was selected as one of two hospitals in the Czech Republic for the care of patients with severe COVID-19. This is also related to a number of measures that had to be implemented in the hospital. From closing several entrances to a special regime in individual departments.

The International Clinical Research Center of FNUSA came up with a method that could help return to normal and calm future hospital visitors. This involves testing various surfaces for the presence of coronavirus. “From the information we know so far, the coronavirus can last for different times on different surfaces. We want to verify this in practice, we plan to test the exposed areas in the hospital once and find out their possible contamination, ” said Giancarlo Forte, head of Center for Translational Medicine and Vice Chair of FNUSA-ICRC.

The data obtained from this research should be decisive for further safety recommendations. Among the selected surfaces are, for example, handles or buttons in elevators, ie places whose potential danger is not even realized. “Given the Czech Republic’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, I do not anticipate any infestations. However, even in that case, we will get a clear answer that could reassure the hospital’s patients, “added Giancarlo Forte.